2.5 million Americans in Risk of Bone Thinning

Latest results from a decade long national study show that there are over 2.5 million Americans who use oral steroids to treat inflammatory diseases like arthritis or somebody immune system disorders. These are known to have side effects though, one of the most serious ones being a bone loss. The study has identified that patients have not been offered any therapy to reduce the risk of extra fracture.

“The longer you use steroids and the greater the amount of steroids, the greater your risk of fracture,”

said Robert Overman, a research coordinator at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio to Reuters Health. And he added:

“It can really affect a patient’s quality of life.”

The most worrying fact of this study is that more than 25% of those people have been taking those anti-inflammatory pills for more than 5 years, yet only 10% were getting any potential treatment against bone thinning.  National guidelines say that people who are in need of steroid treatment because of arthritis or immune system disorders should have a bone density test before steroids are prescribed. By monitoring bone density people can be prescribed bisphosphonates if necessary.

Unfortunately the study has identified that this common procedure does not take place often enough. People do not get evaluated or treated which is very worrying as this can affect people’s quality of life.

Worst affected can be elderly people as their bone get thinner as they age. Taking those anti-inflammatory pills can cause even more bone thinning and cause unimaginable discomfort.

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