A Spring Wedding

cfb_52598Spring is still about, and the weather is still quite luxurious, even if there are a few grey and rainy patches. The air still has a warm tinge to it and a certain glow that you can only see in the Spring.

Spring is the perfect time for a wedding, it’s the first new season of the year and it reflects the start of new things, and so a Spring wedding is the most significant wedding of all the seasons. (I think).

Having been to one this month already, everyone was wearing floral, bright colours and everyone just looked so clean and fresh and happy. So I thought I’d share with you the best outfit and hair ideas for a wedding.


I was bridesmaid at this wedding and I was left to my own devices when it came to my hair and makeup. Like any girly girl, I love playing with my hair and dolling myself up. My dress was a spring, green colour that went down to my knees, with an ivory sash around the middle. About two weeks before the wedding I had dyed my hair a dark brown colour, which I though complimented the dress perfectly. I attempted to grow my hair out, but it just refused to grow quick enough. I had decided I wanted my hair up in some way, and so invested in a bun ring. It is the easiest way to keep your hair out of your face whilst still looking professionally sculpted.

Keep the hair low and to the side to give it some oomph. Also, having it this way, your hair can be seen from the back but you also get a certain profile of your hair from the front as well. Keeping it low allows some tendrils to fall out and frame your face. I always think that a framed face looks so much more elegant than one that’s properly slicked back. A framed face looks softer and not as harsh, you don’t want a harsh face at a ceremony that requires you to look extremely happy and elevated.


Is it just me, or have weddings become a really fashionable place to be? I had my outfit picked out for me but I couldn’t help but stand on the church steps and look out at everyone’s outfits. There was so much thought, and pleasure put into them all that every single one of them was admirable.

I think, personally, that the best ones were those that didn’t look like they were bought specifically from a wedding shop. They were bought from every day shops where anyone can get a hold of them, but they were styled accordingly. My best advice would be to buy a two piece set. Jacket and skirt, and buy a nice satin vest to go under the jacket. These pieces look put together for the big day, but can also be ‘recycled’ into outfits that you can wear separately on a daily basis.

Choose patterns and colours that suit the theme of the wedding if there is one.  Even if there is not theme, you should go in line with what the season’s are.
The best dressed at the wedding were those that incorporated floral’s and/or bright on trend colours.

Weddings aren’t the big fancy affair that they were way back when. They are now a fun occasion that you want to share with your friends and family, so there’s no point in wearing or looking uncomfortable, because then you won’t want to enjoy yourself, and the whole point of a wedding is to enjoy the special moment.

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