Arthritis-friendly exercises

Every arthritis sufferer knows how difficult it is to manage the pain. One of the ways to reduce the pain though is to exercise. It can be a daunting task though as over-doing it will result in even worse pains and will not be worth it. Even the easiest fitness program can feel like conquering Mt. Everest. Unfortunately not doing any cardio at all is not good, that’s according to several research studies.

We will be looking into ways to make your exercise regime as pain-free and as effective as possible. We encourage anyone with any form of arthritis to pay a visit to their doctor to make sure your inflammation is under control before you start following those steps.

Eat the right food – even though this is no form of exercise it is vital that you eat healthy. There is no magical diet what can take all the pain away but there are some useful arthritis pain relief supplements you can try. Coming back to eating and if you are planning to make a lot of strength-building exercises to improve the strength of your muscles around your joints then eating lot of protein containing foods is important. Some of the best food what contain plenty of protein are egg white, salmon, chicken and almonds. These are all readily available from the shops.

Slow Start – This is one of the most overlooked areas when starting your exercise routine. Not only among arthritis sufferers but in general as well. So before starting your training with dumb bells or getting on an exercise bike please go through a series of warm-up exercises. Additionally you could use a heat pack on your joints as well prior to work-out. Different exercises are usually prescribed by your physical therapist or doctor and should start off with gentle range-of-motion exercises as hip lifts, arm circles or toe touches.

A sport with no impact – Impact is one of the worst enemies of any kind of arthritis. So finding the right sport with low impact is extremely important. We can suggest water aerobics, swimming or indoor cycling. Lifting weights is usually not harmful for your joints but please check it with your doctor first!

Avoid Pain – Please do avoid sports what cause pain during the exercise. As we know our body usually tells you if there’s something wrong with you, and more than often your body sends you a signal – pain. So only work out until you are tired but not until you feel pain.




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