Bees, Copper, Aloe Vera and Water: Four Natural Remedies to Ease Arthritis Pain

Painful and potentially terrifying, arthritis is a chronic inflammation of the joints that plagues more than forty million individuals just in the United States. Causing pain in the joints, limited movement, swelling, and stiffness, arthritis can really have a negative effect on your everyday life. While there are various medical treatments and medication available for patients diagnosed with arthritis, some people are uninterested in putting medication chemicals into their bloodstream or going through potentially painful treatments. If you’re one of these individuals who are sick of suffering but only interested in a natural cure, there are several remedies you can try to naturally relieve your arthritis and get back to living your life pain-free.

Water Therapy for Arthritis

At the top of the list for the most pleasant and natural arthritis remedy is water therapy. Simple and even relaxing, water therapy involves completely immersing the joints affected by painful arthritis into water for approximately an hour. The key to this treatment is using warm water that is continually heated to a temperature of 93.5 degrees Farenheit. And that’s all there is to it. While the effectiveness of this simple treatment in arthritis sufferers is still pending, there has been a high enough level of success in individual patients to keep water therapy on the list of practical remedies to try.

Copper Bracelets for Arthritis

Now this next remedy may seem a little far-fetched. In fact, until recently, it was dismissed by Western health professionals as simply an old wive’s tale, but, in this case, those old wives might have been on to something. So here it is: Copper bracelets. Wearing bracelets constructed from pure copper is supposed to help treat arthritis by absorbing healing properties from the copper through the thin skin of the wrist that then flow through the body and ease pain and inflammation. While this strange natural treatment is still met with a ton of skepticism and should not be trusted as a sole remedy for severe arthritis, if your pain levels aren’t high and your arthritis hasn’t progressed too far, copper bracelets might just be your solution.

Aloe Vera For Arthritis

Have you ever used aloe vera lotion as a treatment for a severe sunburn? Well, it might just work for your arthritis too. Massaging pure aloe vera onto the areas of your body affected by arthritis has been known to help absorb the inflammation of your joints caused by the arthritis, therefore easing the pain. As an added bonus, aloe vera features several health benefits that are good for your skin and promote healing.

Bee Stings For Arthritis

Lastly, I give you one of the strangest and most effective natural remedies for arthritis: Bee stings. While intentionally stinging yourself with a bee may seem insane, using bee stings to treat joint pain caused by arthritis is an age-old treatment that has been used by ancient Europeans for thousands of years. This unique remedy works when the bee injects its venom into your skin and the noxious substance stimulates your body to release all inflammation, including that caused by your arthritis. While this natural arthritis treatment can be great, please remember that you should never simply press an angry bee to your skin and let it go wild. This remedy can be potentially dangerous if performed by an inexperienced individual and should only be carried out by a health professional.

If you’re done with the pain and suffering caused by arthritis, try one or more of the treatments above for a relieving release of pain and inflammation that’s one hundred percent natural.


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