The Truth About Gout

Historically called “the rich man’s disease”, gout is definitely not a pot of gold to search for. In the past, the rich would be the ones to suffer from gout because of the lavish and expensive diet it often took to acquire the condition. Today, gout is often found in older men and is sometimes […]

What is Gouty Arthritis

The general term “arthritis” can mean any number of things. Literally, the word translates to “inflammation of the joints.” But the true definition of arthritis covers over one hundred different painful rheumatic diseases, each one varying in pain location and severity and lifestyle affectation. What is Gouty Arthritis? Gout arthritis is one of the types […]

Arthritis-friendly exercises

Every arthritis sufferer knows how difficult it is to manage the pain. One of the ways to reduce the pain though is to exercise. It can be a daunting task though as over-doing it will result in even worse pains and will not be worth it. Even the easiest fitness program can feel like conquering […]