3 Fun Alternatives to the Boring Gym

Who else has stopped going to the gym after the initial New Year resolution back in January? Who never bothered to make the resolution in the first place? Well, you’re not alone, and I’ve got a great excuse for you to use as to why you haven’t bothered to go. THE GYM IS BORING. Who […]

Raspberry Ketones Weight Loss Benefits And Side Effects

What is Raspberry Ketones Plus And Does It Really Work? You may have heard about the raspberry ketone dietary craze due to Dr. Oz touting the fat-burning benefits of the supplement on his show. This has created a situation where stores can’t keep up with demand as customers snatch up the compound created from red raspberries. Many […]

Drinking Sugary Drinks Will Make Us Stupid!

Join Time For a Smile on Facebook The media worldwide has done splendid job trying to warn people about sugary drinks or drinks what have too many calories in them. This is due to well-known facts that sugary drinks will make you fat and cause obesity. Recent study showed that coke and other bubbly drinks […]

FDA Approves Weight Loss Drug Qsymia

It has been over 10 years since The U.S. Food and Drug Administration have approved a diet drug but this is exactly what has happened recently. In order to obese patients more tools to fight excessive weight doctors can now subscribe a diet drug called Qsymia.  There are 72 million potential people who struggle with […]

Great Ways to Lose Weight

Fitness can often be left by the wayside as people get older. Pressures of life often take over the need for fitness. Taking control of your fitness again is possible with the tips provided below. These suggestions can help you reattain the body you had in your youth. As people become older, they often let […]