Cold Therapy To Fight Arthritis

Are you struggling with arthritis, or any of the 100+ different forms of it? If yes then hopefully we can give you some sound advice so you can combat the pain and stiffness of arthritis.

In this post we are looking into different cold therapy options what are available these days.

Have you heard that one of the ways to relieve your pain is to use cold therapy? If not then we would suggest giving one of those cold therapies a try. Many medical arthritis specialists recommend cold treatments. They will help to ease the pain and stiffness of arthritis. Cold temperatures have proved to reduce the inflammation in your joints by constricting blood vessels. Most cold therapies for arthritis can be uncomfortable first but once you have felt the ease in your pain it’s worth it.

So what kind of cold therapies are there for Arthritis pain?

You can use cold packs as a form of compression or you can try one of the latest developments in arthritis pain relief – deep freeze.

Cold packs (you can even use frozen bags of vegetables for that) numb the area of pain and reduce swelling and inflammation. If you have arthritis flare you can get much needed pain relief by using ice packs. How often to use these cold packs? For best results general advice is to use them at least twice a day.

Standing in a deep freeze chamber (medically known as cryogenic chamber therapy) is another form of cold therapy what has made wonders for so many arthritics. It has been used for almost 30 years and has shown wonderful results. The deep freeze chamber has temperatures as low as -135C (-211F) Because of the intense cold you won’t stay in there for too long, maximum 5 minutes. During that time you are in a cubicle, semi-naked, wearing shorts or a swimming costume, a hat and knitted gloves.

Japanese scientists were the ones who developed this ultra-cold treatment. The idea behind it is that this sort of extreme cold prompts your brain to transmit messages throughout the body. This will result in blood drawing away from the extremities to protect the core organs and muscles.

Some people say that cryotherapy is not really a cure because it just plays with your mind and reduces the pain psychologically.


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