Fake Tan in the UK – The New Norm

Fake Tan in the UK – The New Norm

Fake tan has been adored by celebs around the world for years and we can safely say it has achieved its mainstream status. It is so widely used that it even gave an almost guaranteed win to one of the teams from Lord Sugar’s Apprentice in its 2012 series.

It has opened a massive fake tan industry in the UK. In the last couple of years Brits have spent nearly £35 million on self-tanning kits. Unfortunately we have experienced plenty of fraudsters trying to get a piece of that pie.

One of the biggest cases were people were warned about fake and unknown fake-tan system was in the middle of 2011 when UK government’s watchdog for healthcare products warned people about the “miracle” self-tanning product – “the nasal spray”. The problem with that self-tanning product was that people had side-effects which they weren’t warned about. Some of the side effects included dizziness, migraines and nausea.

Sunbathing has become a real rare occasion in the UK these days. We’ve just had the wettest summer since the records began, which means in return that we haven’t had much sun. That leaves us with couple of options:

1)      Use fake tan

2)      Use sunbeds

3)      Go abroad

During the economic melt-down we’ve witnessed (and still witnessing) more and more people struggling to pay for rent, food, petrol and so on. Unfortunately this has limited the yearly budget families can afford to spend on foreign holidays. So cheaper options like using fake tan or sunbeds is what most ladies tend to do.

I mentioned the amount of money being spent on fake tan in the UK, and as an additional piece of information we can reveal that 4 out of 10 ladies in the UK use self-tanning products to get that golden glow. After the royal wedding sales numbers for self-tanning products went sharply up as one of the quests, Peppa Middleton had a massive influence on ladies here in the UK with her dark, glowing complexion.

We would like to remind our readers that getting no sun at all during the summer is a bad thing. We bodies need vitamin D, and the fact is that we get almost 80% of it from the sun. So please do make sure you spend 10-15 minutes a day between April and October out in the sun without wearing any makeup so your face can absorb the sunlight.


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