Fancy A Cosmetic Surgery? Now You Can Get It Cheaper!

Strax Rejuvenation Plastic surgery and Wellness Center has announced that they are doing everything they can to make their services available to a wider variety of people in their community in south Florida. Using a variety of methods, including raising money through community organizations and charities, and lowering prices based on an economic scale, Strax is hoping that more people who couldn’t afford their services before will now come to them for help.

As the economy continues to struggle and more and more health insurance companies refuse to pay for elective surgeries, people are finding it increasingly difficult to afford the cosmetic procedures they deserve or even need. Many of these procedures, such as the Lap Band® surgery, could completely change people’s lives by increasing their self-esteem and even positively affecting their overall health.

Another reason that Strax Rejuvenation is more affordable than other cosmetic surgery centers is that they are a group practice rather than a private practitioner. Instead of one person being responsible for all costs associated with the business, “these costs are spread out evenly” among all the people who work at Strax, according to a spokesperson for the company. This means that they can provide services comparable or better than other practices for much more affordable prices.This has had a snowball effect in the cosmetic surgery community in South Florida, as more and more private practitioners who can’t match their prices have started to join Strax Rejuvenation.

Because of the wide variety of certified professionals Strax Rejuvenation employs they are able to provide numerous cosmetic surgery options, including neck and face lifts, Brazilian butt lifts, eyelid surgery, tattoo removal, tummy tucks, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, smart liposuction and much more.

On top of their ability to offer the most affordable cosmetic surgery options in the Miami and South Florida areas, Strax Rejuvenation has started a program to give back to the community that has given them so much called Strax Gives Back. This charitable program enables deserving individuals that would not otherwise be able to afford cosmetic procedures to get them free of charge. On December, 28, 2012, the first lucky person to get the Strax Gives Back award will be announced. The individual will be picked based on voting that is taking place on social media networks.

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