My thoughts on Clinique’s Repairwear Laser Focus

Now, I love the look of Clinique products. I love how they feel, I love what they do. I’ve never had a major problem with any Clinique product that I have purchased, apart from one of them smelling a bit weird. However, I do find them a bit expensive so I am very choosy when […]

3 Fun Alternatives to the Boring Gym

Who else has stopped going to the gym after the initial New Year resolution back in January? Who never bothered to make the resolution in the first place? Well, you’re not alone, and I’ve got a great excuse for you to use as to why you haven’t bothered to go. THE GYM IS BORING. Who […]

Favourite Lip Colours of Spring 2014

So, we’ve found ourselves in Spring again, and are these seasons getting shorter and shorter, or is it just me getting old? Spring brings new life to the year, flowers are in bloom, the days are longer, trees are getting their greenery back, baby animals are jumping around again. It is officially the start of […]

Smile Makeover of LA – Californias Premium Dentist

Having a beautiful and healthy smile is an important part of the appearance and Smile Makeover of LA has made it their goal to give that to all of their patients. This brother and sister practice is located in Glendale, CA and offers all the services of both general and cosmetic dentistry. The small team […]

Has The Price of Breast Enlargement Put You Off The Procedure?

Breast enlargement operations are an expensive option for the average American.  Even women who need the operation based on recommendations from medical experts often get turned down by their insurance because a breast enlargement, or augmentation, is seen by them as an elective surgery no matter what the circumstances behind it are.  Even when women […]

Liposuction: A Cosmetic Procedure For Body Contouring

Liposuction is a popular form of cosmetic surgery that removes fat deposits and helps shape the body. It is typically performed by a plastic surgeon. Liposuction removes excess body fat via suction with the use of special surgical equipment. It is intended to improve the appearance of the body and to smooth uneven body shapes. […]

Fancy A Cosmetic Surgery? Now You Can Get It Cheaper!

Strax Rejuvenation Plastic surgery and Wellness Center has announced that they are doing everything they can to make their services available to a wider variety of people in their community in south Florida. Using a variety of methods, including raising money through community organizations and charities, and lowering prices based on an economic scale, Strax […]

The Truth About Gout

Historically called “the rich man’s disease”, gout is definitely not a pot of gold to search for. In the past, the rich would be the ones to suffer from gout because of the lavish and expensive diet it often took to acquire the condition. Today, gout is often found in older men and is sometimes […]

Cinnamon Side Effects If Consumed Too Much

The use of cinnamon extends far and goes beyond serving as a favorite seasoning at home for desserts and recipes. Alongside that, this common ingredient has also been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. Even though it is believed to be safe particularly for weight loss purposes, it also has some negative effects worth knowing. […]