Strax Rejuvenation Does “Strax Gives Back”

It’s nice to see companies do something for the community so we decided to publish their press release on

From Strax Rejuvenation. Health care costs get higher every year, and more and more insurance companies are denying payment for plastic surgeries that used to be called non-elective. In response to this, Strax Rejuvenation & Aesthetics Institute has planned to launch a charitable program that they have aptly named Strax Gives Back. This program is designed as a thank you to their community in South Florida, and also to allow those who can’t afford surgical procedures their insurance won’t cover to get them done free of charge.

Strax Rejuvenation & Aesthetic Institute has over seven years of experience providing top-of-the-line cosmetic surgery to people all over Florida and the United States. They provide almost every service that you can think of that is designed to improve your appearance, from face lifts to weight loss plans. They also provide tummy tucks, chin implants, breast augmentation, hair grafts, and much, much more. Their surgeons and other professionals are all board certified and independent risk managers have credentialed each and every one of them. Since opening in 2004 they have performed more than 40,000 procedures successfully and continue to provide the highest quality services available.

This new program is Strax Rejuvenation’s way of thanking the community for their support and giving people with limited financial means get procedures they otherwise would never have the opportunity to receive. Certain worthy charities will get access to free procedures that they can use for fund raising purposes, or they can give the procedure to someone they deem worthy of it. More options will be available as it gets closer to December.

The COO of the company says that they are very excited to start the charitable program in December, and that new, exciting details will emerge as the date approaches. They realize that they wouldn’t be where they are without the community around them, so they feel like launching this charitable program is the least they can do. More information relating to Strax Gives Back can be found by following the Strax Rejuvenation & Wellness Institute’s Twitter account.

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