The Products That Do More

Skincare and makeup doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. There’s plenty of products out there that do more than what they offer, making them the Ta Daa! Products of the moment. The only problem is tracking down these products. I’ve picked two that are perfect for all sorts of problems and quick fixes.


The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Cream

kenevir3The Body Shop offers a lot of natural products making them the go to shop that doesn’t steal your bank balance. The Hemp range offers all sorts from hand creams to body butters. But, I have found out that you only need to buy the one item to suit your whole body. The hand cream is perfect for the hands (an so it should be) keeping them moisturised for hours on end without feeling like you need to squeeze more product out every half an hour to combat dryness. The cream is also great for battling scars. I, personally, have a bad habit of been heavy handed when it comes to shaving my legs, and after I’ve finished I look like my legs have been attacked by a knife welding maniac. One night I decided to just pop some of the hand cream on my legs just so that they didn’t scab over too ferociously. To my amazement, the scars on my legs don’t look as obvious anymore, and I’m not scared to go out in my shorts anymore.
This is also a great product that I would recommend before flying. I love flying, but aeroplanes are so bad for the skin that I end up looking like I’ve had the life sucked out of me by the time I get to my destination. Not what you want! You want to get off the plane looking and feeling like a superstar, flipping your sunglasses down, pulling your cute little hand luggage along. Before one flight, I applied some of the hand cream on my face and by the time I got to Spain, the moisture had not left my face. I looked as fresh as I did when I stepped foot onto the flight.


The Body Shop’s Coconut Body Butter

58619m_lWhilst being a great body moisturiser, this product is also great as an after sun treatment. So rather than packing all sorts of moisturisers and aloe vera products, just go for the one tub of Body Butter. Due to the thickness of a body butter and the coolness of the actual product, this is the perfect product to help fight against the after effects of the sun. Even if you haven’t actually burnt yourself, if you apply this to the areas where the sun has managed to hit and give you a bit of colour then this product will keep your tan in place for much longer than if you just let it sit there. It will also look like your natural skin tone as it will look properly moisturised rather than dry and flaky.

So, rather than spending a hand full of money on products that you don’t necessarily need, try and source out your favourites and just experiment with them. You’ll often find that there is more to them than meets the eye saving you cupboard space and more money to spend on your must have products that month.

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