Top Fixes For Arthritis Pain And How Short Term Health Insurance Can Help You

Lose Weight

Being over weight can lead to arthritis in your knees. Your body fat produce higher levels of certain hormones what promote inflammation in your joints and increase the pain you suffer from arthritis. So it can be vitally important to lose even 5-6 pounds to decrease the likelihood of developing arthritis. To read more about weight loss please click here.

Freeze Up

One of the best emergency short term health solutions for arthritis is cooling the joints affected by the condition. Wrapping an ice pack or a bag of frozen vegetables around the affected areas cools the flaring inflammation of the joints and provides temporary relief for up to fifteen minutes.


Those who suffer from arthritis and are constantly under high levels of stress have been proven to feel more pain and inflammation then sufferers who live a generally relaxing life. Taking a day to get some much needed rest and relaxation provides a fabulous temporary arthritis relief. Figure out what in your life is stressing you out, whether it’s your job, your messy house, or whatever, and cut as much of the stress away as possible, just for one day. Take a day off work and spend time with your family, or lie on the beach to escape the dust bunnies taking over your house. Your mind and your joints will appreciate the break.

Short Term Health Insurance

If your arthritis ever progresses to the point of needing surgeries, shots, prescriptions, or other medical attention, the costs for such things can be astronomical. That’s why health insurance is so important; It keeps a percentage of or even the entirety of your medical costs covered. But unfortunately, many people simply can’t fit the cost of health insurance into their budget. However, there are other options, one of the best being short term health insurance. A short term health insurance plan provides you with all the benefits of high quality, regular health insurance, but it’s cheaper because it covers you for a shorter duration of time. It’s great if you’re starting a risky job or think for some reason you’ll have extra medical costs piling up in the near future. If you’re looking for a temporary health insurance plan to eliminate your medical bill worries, there are wonderful options at

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