Treat Your Skin Right

home-made-moisturizer-for-hands-and-feetIt’s extremely important that you treat your skin right. You may think you’re doing the right things for your skin, but are you? How much do you actually know about your own skincare routine? So here we have some tips for you to help you treat your skin right and ensure you still look as glamorous in twenty years time as you do now.

Double Cleanse

This will save your face from any extra dirt that’s left on after removing makeup. I, personally, use makeup remover to initially take my makeup off and then use a general cleanser to take off any extra makeup, whilst also removing the extra makeup it also nicely moisturises my face. It is then a great idea to take a cleanser that is specifically suited for your skin type and work it in. The second cleanser should do what a cleanser should do, and because of the initial makeup remover and the first cleanse, the second cleanser can do it’s job on perfectly clean skin.

Lip Moisturiser

Whether it’s Winter or Summer it is always important to keep your lips moisturised. No matter what your skin type is, it is always beneficial to moisturise your lips. Your lips end up drying out and cracking due to the coldness of the cold seasons, but also, so sun will suck out any moisture as well. Therefore, it is extremely important that you keep your lips hydrated. Completely smoother your lips at night with a good lip balm. Vaseline works really well if you can stand the greasiness. If you want to look more sophisticated during the day invest in a good tinted lip balm, it gives you added colour as well as doing good for your lips.


No matter what skin type you have, it is always essential to moisturise. I have oily/combination skin and even I have to moisturise. You may think that because your skin is oily that you don’t need to moisturise. There is a certain fear that moisturising adds to the oily look on your face, but it is quite the opposite. Moisturising your face will not add more oil. It may not reduce the oil that your skin produces, unfortunately there is not much you can do about that at all, and you have to just learn to live with it. Moisturising helps to keep your skin hydrated, and though you may think so, oil is not hydration. Moisturising before makeup application will help to keep your makeup in place a lot longer than if you just apply it straight to your oily skin.

So there you have it. Some little tips to help you along with your skincare fears. They may be the most obvious tips but everyone just needs a gentle reminder every so often that not all things are going to make your skin condition worse.

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